Blog Post 11: Hayao Miyazaki

I didn’t really want to do another Anime blog because i feel like if I mention one then the floodgates will be open and i wont be able to stop.

I couldn’t resist for this post because i wanted to comment on Hayao Miyazaki and his movies. Not so much about the person but more about his work and how they help introduce Anime in a much friendlier and masterful fashion than, say, a shonen jump or an overly intricate drama series. His work is often set in some strange location like a flying castle or a flooded island. The plots are often simple at face value but become more deep as you break them down. Howl’s moving castle is a great example of one of his animations that start simple but are quickly blown out of proportion into some wild adventure. More often than not the stories end with a pretty and heartwarming conclusion making you feel like the adventure was worth it. 

This is the trailer for My Neighbor Totoro. Perhaps the most simple yet heartwarming films in the Miyazaki collection.

I really feel like if you are trying to introduce someone to the Anime style of animation using Miyazaki as a starting point is the best way to get them into it. His films follow a very Disney like feel and that is probably why Disney is the main translator and interpreter of the English versions of the films.

I don’t mean to praise any one movie or anything, just how great i think it is that Miyazaki films have been translated to English because the stories are very interesting and appeal to audiences both young and old.


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