Blog Post 12: Bunny

I know we all love animated shorts and since the start of the semester i have been trying to find one in particular that always struck me as amazing and sad. It took me until today to actually go through all my DVDs and finally find the right movie it was featured in. I thought it was a Dreamworks production, but i was wrong. That’s most likely where i got thrown off. The short is called Bunny and it was the 1998 Academy Award winner.

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The reason this short stood out to me through the years is because it was made outside the realm of the Disney Pixar or Dreamworks Giants. If you have read any of my other blogs you know that i love the smaller animation groups like Blue Sky because they bring a new and unique style to the animation world. This company in particular is responsible for Ice Age, and many of the Dr. Sues movies. The also made some of the world’s most popular films like Titanic, but their animation studio is still pretty small relative to Disney.

This animation is particularly strange because it gives us a brief view into the life of a very old bunny. It’s interesting because it starts out almost funny in an odd way, you see the bunny hobble around his house to stop a moth from making noise outside. then it takes a drastic turn for the worst when he gets so irritated with the moth that he kills it and mixes it in with his cake batter. This is the point where the story becomes more interpretive. The bunny seems to fall asleep here and wake up to the moth banging around in the oven, he then climbs through the oven and begins to float away resembling his death. The question this brings to me is, did he die while sleeping and imagine his departure through the stove or did he die by putting his head into the stove. It’s very subtle but animations that make you think and still give you emotional pangs tend to be the ones that you remember.

They also invented the saber-tooth squirrel named Scrat who is a reoccurring character in the Ice Age movies. I guess it comes down to simple characters doing silly things that, at the same time, contain a larger meaning or message.


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3 responses to “Blog Post 12: Bunny

  • cruiz89

    I don’t remember ever seeing this short film actually, but I’m glad you posted it. The film has such a simplicity to it that makes the film more enjoyable and even comical. I enjoy the simplicity of films, such as no talking, or symbolic references. The same joy i get seeing Scratch i get seeing this film and even a little tear because of the Bunny’s final destination. In any case, its great to see animation outside Dreamworks and Disney and to know that other companies are creating it to.

  • rednigerian

    Very interesting animation, thanks for sharing it. Loved how it switched from dramatic to funny with the music. Was pretty depressing to see him staring at the old picture with his wife, but I think that’s what made the ending so good. The fact that he’s not just an old guy whos time has come, he’s an old guy who’s on his way to being reunited with his wife.

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